Kirjat Kyle Duncan

Duncan Kyle
11.6.1930 - 24.6.2000

Novels (as Duncan Kyle)

A Cage of Ice (1970)
Flight Into Fear (1972)
The Suvarov Adventure (1973) paperback title A Raft of Swords
Terror´s Cradle (1974)
The Semonov Impulse (1975) originally published using pseudonym "James Meldrum"
In Deep (1976) paperback title Whiteout!
Black Camelot (1978)
Green River High (1979)
Stalking Point (1981)
The King´s Commissar (1983)
The Dancing Men (1985)
The Honey Ant (1988)
Exit (1993)

Novels (as J.F. Broxholme)

The War Queen (1967)

Short stories
The Breathless Hush – first published in The Rigby File (1989)

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