Kirjat Dumas

Alexandre Dumas
24.7.1802 - 5.12.1870


Alexandre Dumas wrote numerous stories and historical chronicles of high adventure. They included the following:

Othon l archer
Captain Pamphile (Le Capitaine Pamphile, 1839)
The Fencing Master (Le Maître d armes, 1840)
Castle Eppstein; The Specter Mother (Chateau d Eppstein; Albine, 1843)
Georges (1843): The protagonist of this novel is a man of mixed race, a rare allusion to Dumas own African ancestry.
The Conspirators (Le chevalier d Harmental, 1843) later adapted by Paul Ferrier into an opera
Ascanio (1843?); Written in collaboration with Paul Meurice (1820–1905): France – History – Francis I, 1515–1547 – Fiction.
Louis XIV and His Century (Louis XIV et son siècle, 1844)
The Nutcracker (Histoire d un casse-noisette, 1844): a revision of Hoffmanns story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King, later set by the composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to music for a ballet
the D Artagnan Romances:
The Three Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires, 1844)
Twenty Years After (Vingt ans après, 1845)
The Vicomte de Bragelonne, sometimes called Ten Years Later, (Le Vicomte de Bragelonne, ou Dix ans plus tard, 1847): When published in English, it was usually split into three parts: The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Louise de la Valliere, and The Man in the Iron Mask, of which the last part is the best known. (A third sequel, The Son of Porthos, 1883 (a.k.a. The Death of Aramis) was published under the name of Alexandre Dumas; however, the real author was Paul Mahalin.)
The Corsican Brothers (Les Frères Corses, 1844)
The Count of Monte Cristo (Le Comte de Monte-Cristo, 1845–1846)
The Regents Daughter (Une Fille du régent, 1845)
The Two Dianas (Les Deux Diane, 1846)
the Valois romances
The horoscope : a romance of the reign of François II (1897?)
La Reine Margot (1845)
La Dame de Monsoreau (1846) (a.k.a. Chicot the Jester)
The Forty-Five Guardsmen (1847) (Les Quarante-cinq)
the Marie Antoinette romances:
Joseph Balsamo (Mémoires d un médecin: Joseph Balsamo, 1846–1848) (a.k.a. Memoirs of a Physician, Cagliostro, Madame Dubarry, The Countess Dubarry, or The Elixir of Life)(Joseph Balsamo is about 1000 pages long, and is usually published in two volumes in English translations: Vol 1. Joseph Balsamo and Vol 2. Memoirs of a Physician.)
The Queens Necklace (Le Collier de la Reine, 1849–1850)
Ange Pitou (1853) (a.k.a. Storming the Bastille or Six Years Later)
The Countess de Charny (La Comtesse de Charny, 1853–1855) (a.k.a. Andrée de Taverney, or The Mesmerists Victim)
Le Chevalier de Maison-Rouge (1845) (a.k.a. The Knight of the Red House, or The Knight of Maison-Rouge)
The Black Tulip (La Tulipe noire, 1850)
Olympe de Cleves (Olympe de Cleves, 1851-2)
The Page of the Duke of Savoy (Catherine Blum, 1853-4)
The Mohicans of Paris (Les Mohicans de Paris, 1854)
The Wolf-Leader (Le Meneur de loups, 1857)
the Sainte-Hermine trilogy:
The Companions of Jehu (Les Compagnons de Jehu, 1857)
The Whites and the Blues (Les Blancs et les Bleus, 1867)
The Knight of Sainte-Hermine (Le Chevalier de Sainte-Hermine, 1869): This nearly completed novel was his last major work; it was being published serially. It was lost until a rediscovery in 1990 by the Dumas scholar Claude Schopp. He edited it and wrote two-and a half chapters to complete it, based on the notes of Dumas. Published in 2005 in France, it quickly became a bestseller.
Pietro Monaco sua moglie Maria Oliverio e i loro complici, 1864)
Robin Hood (Robin Hood le proscrit, 1863)
The Count of Moret; The Red Sphinx; or, Richelieu and his rivals (Le Comte de Moret; Le Sphinx Rouge, 1865–1866)
The Womens War (La Guerre des Femmes): follows Baron des Canolles, a naive Gascon soldier who falls in love with two women.

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