Kirjat Hughes Dorothy B

Dorothy B Hughes
10.8.1904 - 6.5.1993

Selected bibliography

Dark Certainty, poetry (1931)
Pueblo on the Mesa: The First Fifty Years
of the University of New Mexico (1939)
The So Blue Marble (1940, her first novel)
The Cross-Eyed Bear (1940, later published
as The Cross-Eyed Bear Murders)
The Bamboo Blonde (1941)
The Fallen Sparrow (1942; filmed in 1943)
The Blackbirder (1943)
The Delicate Ape (1944)
Johnnie (1944)
Dread Journey (1945)
Ride the Pink Horse (1946; filmed
in 1947; Robert Montgomery Presents TV series,
Ride the Pink Horse episode, 1950; remade in
1964 as The Hanged Man)
The Scarlet Imperial (1946, also published
as Kiss for a Killer)
In a Lonely Place (1947; filmed in 1950)
The Big Barbecue (1949)
The Candy Kid (1950; Climax TV series,
Spider Web episode in 1958)
The Davidian Report (aka The Body on
the Bench, 1952; Robert Montgomery
Presents TV series, The Davidian
Report episode, 1952)
The Expendable Man (1963;
republished by Persephone Books, 2006)
Erle Stanley Gardner: The Case of the
Real Perry Mason, critical biography (1978)

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