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Kirjat Vuorenvarma

Eugene Burdick

12.12.1918 - 26.7.1965


1956. The Ninth Wave (winner, Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship)

1958. The Ugly American (fiction) with William Lederer

1961. The Blue of Capricorn

1962. Fail-Safe. with Harvey Wheeler

1965. The 480

1965. Nina's Book

1966. Sarkhan: a Novel with William Lederer.[9] Republished under the title The Deceptive American in 1977.[10]

Harvey Wheeler

(John Harvey Wheeler)

17.10.1918 - 6.9.2004


Lattimore the Scholar, (1953), co-author with George Boas; Baltimore.

The Conservative Crisis, (1956), Public Affairs Press, Washington.

Fail-Safe, (1962) Eugene Burdick & Harvey Wheeler, McGraw Hill; Re-published, 1999, by Ecco Press, now part of Harper-Collins.

Democracy in a Revolutionary Era, (1968) Harvey Wheeler, Encyclopædia Britannica Bicentennial Perspectives; Published separately by Praeger. New York.

Democracy in a Revolutionary Era, (1970) Praeger, New York.

Beyond the Punitive Society, (1973) editor and contributor, W.H. Freeman, San Francisco.

The Structure of Human Reflexion, (1990) Ed and contributor, Peter Lang, New York.

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