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Kirjat Fanny Hill

John Cleland

24.9.1709 - 23.1.1789

John Cleland joutui vankilaan julkaistuaan Fanny Hillin 1749.


Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, or, Fanny Hill (1749)

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, or, Fanny Hill (1750) (expurgated, legal version)

Memoirs of a Coxcomb (1751)

Titus Vespasian (1755) (unproduced play)

The Ladies Subscription (1755) (unproduced play)

Tombo-Chiqui, or, The American Savage (1758) (unproduced play)

The Surprises of Love (1764)

The Surprises of Love: Exemplified in the Romance of a Day Or An Adventure in Greenwich-Park Last Easter, The Romance of a Night Or A Covent-Garden-Adventure, The Romance of a Morning or The Chance of a Sport, The Romance of an Evening or Who would have thought it ? (Collection of short stories)

The Woman of Honour (1768)

Molly Hill Memoirs of The Sister of Fanny Hill

The Illustrated Fanny Hill

Memoirs of an Oxford Scholar

The Memoirs of Maria Brown (Genuine Memoirs of the celebrated Miss Maria Brown)

Other philological works, poetry, translations, periodical reviews and letters

William Hogarth

10.11.1697 - 26.10.1764

Lontoolainen Taidemaalari ja Graafikko, joka piirsi piirrossarjan nimeltä "Ilotytön Tarina" vuosina 1731-1732.

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Fanny Hill