Kirjat Beaty David

David Beaty
28.3.1919 - 4.12.1999
Squadron Leader


Beaty wrote 20 novels, under the names Paul Stanton[4] and Robert Stanton,[5] starting at the end of his commercial flying career and continuing almost until his death. Flying has an important place in many of them. They are:

The Take Off (1949)
The Heart of the Storm (1954)
The Four Winds (1955)
The Proving Flight (1956)
Cone of Silence (1959), also known as 'Trouble in the Sky'
Call Me Captain (1959)
Village of Stars (1960) (writing as Paul Stanton)
The Wind Off The Sea (1962)
The Siren Song (1964)
Sword of Honour (1965)
The Gun Garden (1965)
The Temple Tree (1971)
Electric Train (1975)
Excellency (1977)
The White Sea Bird (1979)
Wings of the Morning (1982) (with Betty Beaty)
The Stick (1984)
The Blood Brothers (1987)
Eagles (1990)
The Ghosts of the Eighth Attack (1998)

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